William Scherer brings to the art world a new and revolutionary look with his style of Aerial Golf Photography. His company's name is SkydancerLE. Skydancer is the name of his airplane, a turbo-charged Cessna 210 and LE stands for limited edition, as his images are personally numbered and available in limited numbers.

Our background is etched into us and influences what we do and how we do it. In the 80's Bill was involved in the show business industry in Los Angeles where he worked in front of and behind the camera in numerous motion pictures and television shows.

Some of the more noted celebrities he has acted with are George C. Scott, Dorothy Lamour, Gregory Peck, Charloton Heston, Helen Hunt, Bill Cosby among others but it was behind the camera that most fascinated him. There he was able to learn his photographic craft from some of Hollywood's most celebrated directors and cinematographers like Academy Award winner, Robert Wise. The weekends would find Bill, an amateur golfer since his college days, giving golf instructions and caddying for some of Hollywood's greatest golfing celebrities. His journey up to Pebble for the annual Bing Crosby Clam Bake was his favorite time of year. 

Since leaving the movie industry, Bill has turned his sights on a different type of film medium and that is with still cameras and in particular aerial photography. He realized from his earliest years of flying that a golf course seen from the air takes on a special three-dimensional art form that is just not visible from the ground. 

And thus... it only seemed natural that a company like SkydancerLE would evolve. By utilizing his flying and photography skills a new type of Aerial Landscape Art has emerged. Bill goes on to explain that for each single image he allows into his portfolio, it takes him roughly three different flights on three diferent days, shooting numerous rolls of film. The flights also have to be timed with the sun and other weather conditions, which are all crucial to the success of the image. "In the end, when you get the perfect image... well, it makes all the work and expense worthwhile." William utilizes a 6x7 medium format and a top-of-the-line Canon 35 mm camera with "L" glass for all of his photographic work. 

Today, Bill is becoming known as one of the finest Aerial Landscape Photographers in the country. Specializing in nationally known golf courses he has photographed some of the finest such as Pebble Beach, Cypress Point, Augusta National, Pinehurst to name a few. In addition, his landscape images of nature such as Big Sur and Sedona are beginning to gain National attention. His work is currently sold in Fine Art Galleries in Carmel, Palm Springs, Sedona, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Pinehurts and selected Golf Club Pro shops. 

Art critics alike agree that it is exciting, revolutionary, and will change the direction of Golf and Fine Art Landscape Photography.

Today Bill Scherer resides in Aptos and La Quinta, California with his wife and two daughters, Bill plays golf at Pasatiempo and is a member of PGA WEST. When he's not on the golf course, you might find him on his motorcycle setting World Land Speed records at Bonneville, where he has achieved 200 miles per hour. 



Client Comments


"After winning the AT&T this year, I wanted to take back home with me a reminder of my triumph at Pebble Beach. When I saw your "Pebble Coast" picture I was just blown away. The color and clarity was astounding. It was just the momento Blair that I wanted in our home to remind me of my victory. Your pictures are some of the best I've ever see. Hopefully in the not too distant future I'll be ordering one of your Augusta National shots. I like to keep my goals high." 

Matt (Matt Gogel - Winner of the 2002 Pebble Beach AT&T)



Client Comments


"I have been in the golf business for eleven years and have seen plenty of photographs and paintings of various golf courses and signature holes. Bill Scherer's photographs and paintings of various golf courses and signature holes. Bill Scherer's photographs in my opinion, are some of the finest I have ever seen. We are honored to display his outstanding work in our clubhouse."

Ken Woods
Head PGA Professional 
Poppy Hills Golf Club
Home of the NC Golf Association
Pebble Beach, CA