Services: Assignment Photography

Whether it's large prints for your Board room/Clubhouse or small images for your website and brochures William offers some of the finest photography in the world. Specializing in low level aerial photography and with a FBI clearance, William is able to get those spectacular low level shots that other photographers can not achieve. And because he uses a 6X7 medium format camera, his images are the sharpest possible. 

Besides his aerial work, he is known just as well for his work on the ground. William is based on the West Coast but travels freuently all over the country in his very fast turbo Cessna 210. Whether it's promoting your golf course, resort hotel, stadium or what have you, William is the best person for the job. Call or e-mail William Scherer today to discuss getting the finest images possible. 

What My Clients Say 


"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the picture. I now realize the difficulty you face with regards to getting the "real" quality across on the web page. I was once invited to play Cypress Point a few years ago, and could not break away with my work obligations. A decision to this day, that still haunts me. Until these pictures are seen in person, words cannot do these images justice. I have seen many golf pictures in my life, some labeled with words of wisdom and some just beauties. Your work speaks for itself. Everyone that I have shared your work with, let's out that first word, "Wow." We often look to the sky after a shot is struck in golf, now we can look back in awe."

Timothy Lund
PGA Tour Headquarters
st. Augustine, Florida